About Us

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The Zebrafish Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory

Director: David J Echevarria, Ph.D.


Lab Manager: Kanza Khan, M.A.
Haley May, B.S.
Hannah Masoner, B.S.


Past Members:

Adam Collier, Ph.D.
Erika Caramillo, Ph.D.
Natalie Lodinger, B.S.
David Jouandot, Ph.D.

Colleagues and Collaborators:

Dr. Adam Collier,
Post-doctoral student

Dr. Erika Caramillo
University of Southern Missisippi
Chief interests: cognitive enhancement and memory consolidation in the zebrafish

Dr. Allan V. Kalueff,
Director of the ZENEREI Institute
Chief interests: translational neuroscience,
and zebrafish neurophenotyping.

Dr. Francisco Gonzalez-Lima
University of Texas
Chief interests: metabolic enhancements,
and memory consolidation