Undergraduate Research Assistants

Interested in becoming a research assistant? 

As an undergraduate, it is never TOO early to think about getting involved as a research assistant in a laboratory.

Along with a strong GPA and fantastic GRE scores, a letter of recommendation that can document your role on a research team is a key component of a competitive graduate school application. In this regard, the Echevarria Laboratory boasts a proven track record of success. Nearly 100% of all undergraduate research assistants who had aspirations for post graduate education, were granted admission into a graduate program. Former  undergraduate research assistants have gone on to be admitted to Graduate programs in Neuroscience, Psychology, Law and Medicine (M.D and D.O.). We also have a solid history of co-authoring publications and poster presentations with our more talented undergraduate research assistants.

If you think that you have what it takes to be a part of our team, we encourage you to apply through this website (see below).

Please know that the application process is competitive. Additionally, you must have taken PSY 426 – Behavioral Neuroscience with Dr. Echevarria and earned an A. On rare occasions a substitution for PSY 426 may be considered.

In your application please include the following information:

1) Your major, expected date of graduation, and your current overall GPA

2)Your future career aspirations?

3) Tell us how a research assistant position in a neuroscience laboratory fits in with your future goals

4) What is your availability for the current and future semesters?

5) What skills or talents will you bring to the lab?

Application reviews are ongoing. You can expect to receive a response from Mr. Adam Collier (our laboratory manager) within 5-7 days.

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