Current Lab Members




Erika Caramillo, Ph.D.

Research interests:

Cognitive enhancements
Visual discrimination in zebrafish
Modeling neurodegenerative disorders in zebrafish



Kanza Khan, M.A.

Research interests:

Sleep in the zebrafish
Anxiety behaviors in zebrafish
Effects of sleep disruption in zebrafish


Erin Pic

Erin Frick, M.A.

Research interests:

Individual differences in behavior
Cognitive enhancements
Effects of stressors on individual and group behavior



Haley May, B.S.

Research interests:

Modeling autism spectrum disorder in zebrafish
Drug effects on stress and anxiety in the zebrafish model
Utilizing zebrafish as a model of epilepsy



Hannah Masoner, B.S.

Research interests:

Traumatic Brain Injury
Physiology and Repair of TBI